The Virtual Reality project focuses on the development of valuable applications that can increase the professional competence of employees of the fire brigade in the Safety Region of Central and West Brabant. Together with employees of the Central and West Brabant Safety Region, DITSS devises strong concepts, including the use of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). With the help of VR and AR, realistic environments and situations can be simulated that are difficult or impossible to practice in reality. This makes it possible to train employees in a different, safe and sometimes better way.

Virtual Reality

Safety region Central and West Brabant. DITSS is the implementer of the project.
Project duration
The project started at the end of 2018. The first applications that will be used for training have now been completed.
Collaborative partners
In the concept phase, DITSS works closely with employees of the Central and West Brabant Safety Region. The ultimate goal is to seek connections with other regions and parties in the security domain. In order to collaborate on inventive tools that enable care providers to perform their work even better in the future.