Project has ended

Feeling safe on the street, in your neighbourhood and in your own home. No violence, theft and vandalism in public spaces or fights after a night on the town. We all value this. How can citizens and police work together more efficiently to achieve this goal? Via TRILLION, an innovative social media-based communication platform, all institutions that work every day for public safety come together virtually. TRILLION is a Research & Innovation H2020 project subsidised by the European Union.


European Commission Horizon2020 Fighting Crime and Terrorism Program.
Project duration
The TRILLION project started in September 2015 and was completed at the end of August 2018.
Collaborative partners
  • European Commission
  • ENGINEERING (Project coördinator, Italy)
  • 5 test locations (Eindhoven, Lecce, Ancona, Lisbon, York)
  • 3 universities (Athenes, Greenwich, Mid Sweden)
  • 4 companies (ATOS, XLAB, INOV, ENG)
  • DITSS Foundation in collaboration with National Police and RTR, Stad&Co, municipality Eindhoven, Brainport, Sorama, ViNotion.