Drug trafficking not only takes place on the street – pills and powders are also widely available via the deep and dark web. Organised crime increasingly focuses on new digital environments for the distribution and sale of drugs, using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The Lion DC project aims to provide and educate authorities involved in the fight against crime new skills, methods and tools in the fight against the online drug trade. It also wants to develop new ways to apply the ‘follow the money’ principle for the identification of criminals more effectively. The core activity of the Lion DC initiative is a real use case oriented, cross-border training and exercise in tackling online drug crime. The available tools and technologies are explained and applied within their feasibility and usefulness.

DITSS Lion-DC project

Lion DC


European Commission, DG Home, ISFP-2017-AG-DRUGS program. LION DC project is funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund – Police, under Grant Agreement n° 822616.

Project duration
December 9th 2018 – December 9th 2020.
Collaborative partners
  • TNO
  • Royal Marechaussee
  • Cybercrime control organizations from Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Lithuania

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