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The six security regions in the south of the Netherlands are jointly investing in setting up a single Safety Information Exchange (VIK). Establishing Fieldlab South6 will create a joint testing ground that is unique in the Netherlands. Various public and private parties collaborate on this. In the event of (impending) incidents, disasters, crises and large-scale events, it is important that the people, resources and expertise of the police, fire brigade and other operational services are deployed as efficiently and coherently as possible. Provision of fast and accurate information plays a crucial role in this.

Fieldlab South6 develops new technologies based on concrete questions and needs that enable access to fast and accurate provision of information during all phases of crisis and disaster management and response. This in turn leads to an efficient and coherent deployment of the parties involved, reducing the consequences of a disaster or crisis to a minimum or perhaps even preventing these. Fieldlab South6 tests the newly developed technologies, applies them (working method) and scales them up to concrete practical applications. In addition, it strengthens the structural connection with (data) research, education and policy in the field of security. This creates a future-proof foundation on which the security regions, together with their crisis partners, can (continue to) work in an information-controlled manner.


Fieldlab South6


Safety region Mid- and West-Brabant.

Project duration

The six safety regions involved are prepared to invest in the Fieldlab South6 for at least the next three years (until 2021).

Collaborative partners
  • Security region Limburg-Noord
  • Security region Zuid-Limburg
  • Security region Brabant-Noord
  • Security region Brabant-Zuidoost
  • Security region Midden- en West-Brabant
  • Security region Zeeland
  • DITSS Foundation
  • Control rooms Limburg and Brabant / Zeeland, possibly from 2019 the National Control Room Cooperation
  • Ministry of Justice and Security – Directorate of Security Regions and Crisis Management: advisor and sounding board on legal responsibility
  • TNO Defense and Security.