The policy of the DITSS Foundation focuses on three key themes. From this basis, the connection is also made with concepts such as Smart City and Smart (Digital) Society. With its innovation projects in the field of safety & security, DITSS wants to actively contribute – where possible – to the concrete implementation of these concepts for its partners and clients. The three key themes are:

The Smart City - Digital Society landscape

The Smart City – Digital Society landscape

Various innovative projects resort under these three key themes. In all these projects DITSS explicitly establishes a relationship with the following two aspects:

Cyber security
Although the Dutch government considers digital security around cyber, digital privacy and data protection as a priority, too little is invested in it. That’s the conclusion of a May 2017 study by the American Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. According to the researchers, the Dutch approach to digital security is based on a good foundation and a clear vision with regard to the required organisations and infrastructure, but it lacks financial strength and central control. The Ministry of Justice and Security and the National Police emphasise the importance of continuing to invest to bring and keep Dutch digital security in order.

Social resilience
Crime and other forms of modern crises can (temporarily) undermine the existing economic, social and administrative structures in our country and have an effect on social resilience. In addition to the judiciary, police, security regions and public administration, society also has a role to play in the fight against this (temporary) undermining. Technological and social innovations can help to strengthen the social resilience of local communities and public organisations. Investing in awareness and in influencing positive behaviour are, in addition to making better use of the available information and (digital) capacities in society, some relevant points for attention.

Within its innovation programs and projects in the field of ‘information-driven security’ and ‘mobility and security’, DITSS – together with its clients and partners – pays explicit attention to the importance of digital security and the strengthening and utilisation of social resilience. Distinctive platforms have been and are being set up for the aforementioned key themes in order to create a unique and inspiring environment in which to collaborate on innovative solutions for relevant security issues.