DITSS stands for ’Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security’. DITSS was founded in March 2012. It is an independent, transparent and facility management and implementation organisation that focuses on the public interest. DITSS connects public and private parties to solve security issues, mainly through technological, but also social innovations. In recent years DITSS has successfully evolved as a so-called triple helix company. In co-creation with various parties, such as ministries, provinces, municipalities, the National Police, security regions, science, companies and citizens it is committed to analysing security issues and looking for or designing innovative solutions together.

DITSS cooperates with its public clients and partners on new innovative products. Although the emphasis is mainly on technological innovations, the environment (organisations and society) in which the product is applied to will always be considered. For example, it is examined whether other network systems, processes, competences, forms of (in)formal leadership are needed to achieve social returns. Attention to socially beneficial innovation is the foundation of the success of DITSS.