The working method of the DITSS Foundation, in which networking and project-based working are central, has its roots in the triple helix model. This model is based on collaboration between the following three parties:

  • government (exercising legislation and law enforcement);
  • education (‘generation’ of new knowledge);
  • entrepreneurs (generating economic growth and prosperity).

Many synergy effects arise through mutual cooperation between the parties in the triple helix model. Citizens increasingly participate as a stakeholder within this model.

Which parties work together may vary:

  • Government – Education: knowledge infrastructure.
    The parties cooperate to develop an infrastructure in which everyone can develop expertise in an optimal way. The government invests a significant portion of its budget in education. This not only provides new knowledge, but also an insight for students about what innovation means and what it can bring about.
  • Government – Entrepreneurs: political economy.
    This involves creating an optimal business climate in which there is plenty of room for innovation and sustainable development. The government facilitates and tries to simplify regulations. By collecting taxes, the government in particular can in turn invest.
  • Education – Entrepreneurs: innovation.
    The necessary knowledge will have been created through the collaboration with higher education (research). This knowledge enables the business community to innovate and to convert its effects into economic development and growth.
  • Government – Entrepreneurs – Education: synergy at its best (‘sweet spot’).
    Where the three parties collaborate, the conditions for a knowledge-based economy arise. The result here is much more than the sum of its parts.
DITSS Triple Helix Slinger

The DITSS logo portrays its unique working method. The three waves symbolise the dynamics and synergy between the partners. But also the playing field in which DITSS operates with the three main themes: technology, safety and security.