What makes DITSS unique?

  • DITSS excels in translating concepts and needs into concrete innovations.
  • DITSS has a great deal of experience in setting up practice-oriented experiment rooms and operational testing grounds. These can support public sector clients in solving issues in the security domain.
  • As a multiple helix organization, DITSS has a unique network of innovative knowledge and collaboration partners, including the Automotive Campus, Brainport, High Tech Campus, JADS, Midpoint, Strijp-S, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Tilburg University and TNO.
  • To shape and give substance to innovations, DITSS primarily uses the available capacity and talent that is present in the public organisations involved in its projects. This way it contributes to the organisational and talent development of its partners.
  • DITSS runs a lean and mean organisation of its office. Overhead costs are therefore minimal and investment funds primarily benefit the achievement of a solution or end-result.
  • DITSS uses a clear and results-oriented method. This so-called four-phase strategy is based on co-creation with clear decision making moments.

DITSS brings public and private parties together to work on community solutions to contemporary security issues in public spaces. This clearly contributes to a safe society. Core values in this collaboration are: independence, connection, creativity, resolving power and integrity.

DITSS translates security issues that lie within the three key themes of ‘information-driven security’, ‘mobility and security’ and ‘Smart City and Smart Society’ into concrete innovation processes that are socially relevant and clearly contribute to a safe society. This is done on the basis of concrete issues from the public sector and the multiple helix collaboration.