The DITSS Foundation

Innovating together for a safe environment.


Information-driven security

Making data mutually available, sharing, analysing, interpreting and converting it into useful information is becoming increasingly important.


Mobility and Security

Development of new unmanned (vehicle) systems to enhance physical and virtual security. Development of innovative systems to improve the operational deployment of emergency vehicles and to enhance the safety of emergency assistance personnel.


Smart City and Smart Society

A smart city is a pleasant and safe place to live in. With the best possible quality of life and with the most efficient and sustainable use of resources and raw materials. DITSS is committed to this together with its partners.


The DITSS Foundation has now ended its activities and is in liquidation as of 1-8 2022 and is in the process of dismantling the foundation. This should be achieved by the end of 2022. Ditss will not develop any new assignments or initiatives.

The Ditss Foundation can be reached until the end of 2022 via